Capital Classic - June 14 @ KSAC! - Thursday, May 22, 2014
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The Capital Classic is an annual novice/intermediate/masters competition hosted by Montgomery Dive Club. The 2014 Capital Classic will be held on June 14 at the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center in Rockville, MD. 

This meet is intended for masters divers and kids who are not going to USA Diving Regionals. The format is extremely simple - we will offer 1M and 3M events. Each event consists of 5 dives/skills. Skills are defined as jumps and line-ups. Skills can be repeated in a different position, IE front jump straight and front jump tuck. Dives are all the rest of the regular dives on the DD table. Skills are 1.0 DD. Dives are regular DD.

If a diver competes using all skills, he/she will compete at the Red Level. Add one "dive" and you move up to White level. If you have 2 dives in your list and the rest skills, you dive on the Blue level. And so on for Bronze (3 dives + 2 skills), Silver (4 dives + 1 skill) and Gold (5 dives).

We will provide concessions for parents and divers in the upstairs hallway/classroom at KSAC. Coaches' hospitality will be offered on deck in the diving office. 

All registrations will be taken in the upstairs hallway at KSAC on Saturday morning. We are improving the on-deck registration process this time by setting up multiple registration stations and having athletes, parents and coaches on hand to answer questions. 

This is a USA Diving sanctioned event. Please be sure that your athletes are registered with USA diving before they come to the meet.

Included in the meet information packet is a custom dive sheet for the event. We encourage you to use this sheet. We would really appreciate it if all coaches came in with their divers' sheets filled out and ready. 

We will provide custom medals for event winners and ribbons for all participants. Award Ceremonies will be held as quickly as possible after events are over. 

I hope you will join us for the 2014 Capital Classic - we look forward to seeing you all! Please let me know what else we can do to make the meet a success for you and your divers!


Doug Beavers, Program Director
Montgomery Dive Club
Diving Returns to the Water! Restart Week of October 21st - Wednesday, October 2, 2013
As many of you already know, Montgomery County Recreation Department has established a firm date for the diving team's return to the pool. Our Fall session will finally resume beginning the week of October 21st.

We are very grateful for the support and patience that all MDC families have demonstrated during this frustrating process.

We plan to run a full 11-week session, and we absolutely CAN'T WAIT to work with your kids!

Doug Beavers, Program Director
Montgomery Dive Club 

Progress at LAST! - Friday, September 27, 2013
Good news and bad news. The good news: the major issue blocking our return to the water has been resolved. We were FINALLY issued a corporate ID number by the State of Maryland today. Now our insurance provider will take that number and issue us a Workers' Compensation Insurance Certificate. Once we have the cert (likely early next week) we will hand it off to Montgomery County Rec Department, they will double check to ensure that it is correct, and we will then have approval to start!

The bad news of course is that this means we WILL NOT GET IN THE WATER SEPT 30. We will announce the final start date as soon as we have one from the County.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us through this craziness. We will hold a full Fall Session and we just cant wait to start working with your kids!

Springs Fall Session Start Moved to Sept 30th - Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Due to insurance bureaucracy and delays beyond our control, we have been forced to delay the start date of the Fall Session of in-water classes for the Human Springs Lessons, Human Springs Team, High School Springs and Rusty Springs until September 30th. This means that the Fall session will continue through Sunday December 14th.

The session will contain the same number of classes as initially planned. Make-ups will be offered if classes are missed due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

This issue will not effect our dryland classes which begin on Saturday September 14th.

The National Team will begin training on a modified schedule the week of September 9th. All training will occur in the Dryland Training Center until we are approved to re-enter the pools.

We fully expect to have this issue resolved and have classes operating as normal the week of September 30th.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Doug Beavers, Program Director
Montgomery Dive Club  

Registration Improvements - Tuesday, September 3, 2013
For Fall 2013, MDC has made several improvements. We too have been frustrated with the complicated registration process our customers have been forced to deal with at the beginning of each diving session. Here are the changes we have made for this session:

1) No more AAU insurance requirement: It is no longer required that you register with AAU to participate in MDC classes. The diving team is now independently insured for practices. For competitions, divers may be asked to join either USA Diving or AAU diving, but this will not be necessary until shortly before the competition actually occurs. 

2) Membership Fee Payable Online: No need to write a separate check and mail it to us via US Postal Service. The Membership Fee is charged upon initial registration for the session. This charge includes our web site fee and team membership for the session. You will only be charged for the session you participate in, nothing more.

3) Membership Fees Charged by Quarter: we now charge a single membership fee at the beginning of each session for all of our Springs groups. Human Springs Lessons, Human Springs Team, High School Springs and Rusty Springs all pay a session fee of $15 for each session they are active. We have combined your insurance fee, web site fee, and membership fee into a single payment for each quarter, and made it simple to pay.

We sincerely hope that these improvements make it a simpler, more pleasant experience to register with Montgomery Dive Club!

Silpada Fundraiser - Order by November 22nd! - Monday, November 12, 2012

Here's a great way to support MDC AND get something really nice for you or someone you love. We are doing a fundraiser through Silpada Jewelry. Orders need to be made by November 22nd. Get some of your holiday shopping done early.

PLEASE: Share this information with friends and family - the more who shop the more the boosters will earn!

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  3. Choose "Montgomery Dive Club Boosters" as hostess
  4. SHOP :)
  5. Questions? Call Judy Dashiell (our Silpada Rep) at 571-228-4097

15-30% of the sales with go to the Boosters Club.

All orders will ship directly to you.

New Mats Arriving at All LocationsNew Mats Arriving at All Locations - Friday, November 9, 2012
This week divers at all MDC locations will benefit from recently purchased training mats. The mats include foldable stretching/tumbling mats as well as thicker and softer training mats for landing more complicated dryland skills. 

Each facility will have a standard mat set (pictured). MDC has designed a variety of dryland skills specifically with these mat sets in mind. The drills have been created to safely teach front back, inward, and reverse dives in tuck. In addition, the mats can be used to teach armstands and basic somersaulting skills. 
Dryland Center Renovations Coming! - Tuesday, October 2, 2012
The 2012-13 Diving Season is shaping up to be an incredible one for MDC. Major developments all around are contributing to an amazing atmosphere for the divers and coaches. The biggest development is the addition of our new Dryland Training Center.

As most of you know, in July 2012, MDC's parent company entered into a public-private partnership with Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) to lease the handball courts behind KSAC. We were granted permission to use the courts for dryland training, and we've also been given permission to completely renovate the building for this purpose.

We have two major initiatives on tap for October: remove the wall between the courts, and install heat and airconditioning so we don't free out there over the winter. Both of these projects will be costly. We expect a total project cost of $15,000. As you can imagine, this is going to require some serious fundraising by our divers parents and coaches.

The MDC coaching staff and athletes have worked together to develop a wish-list of equipment that will allow athletes to train for excellence.We have prioritized that list, and will work to attain each item in order once major renovations are complete. Fundraising is headed by the MDC Boosters, a 501(C)(3) Non-profit organization founded to foster amateur diving in Montgomery County.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the dryland center project with a tax deductible donation. 
MDC Summer Camp Bios 2012 - Monday, July 2, 2012
The following are bios written by our MDC Divers, introducing (or helping us to get to know better) their compadres in the NTP and NDP crews!

Alex Chen, interviewed by Katie Stender Moore

Alex Chen aka AC, Alexchen, Chen, and Mr.Chen has had a great start to his diving career. Currently he lives in Potomac, Maryland, with a little sister in the house along with his parents. When Alex sleeps, he dreams about diving in college at a school of his choice and he knows it’s really good when it takes him on farther. The MAC/KSAC is the facility that will take him to his diving dream later on. Alex was a star at his MCDL all-stars where he competed at his highest level. You’re probably wondering where the diving magic of Alex Chen started, and it all started when he joined his summer dive team and learned his front jump and back jump and front dive and back dive… Never underestimate the power of the summer league basics, it can take you far! (As you have learned from Alex’s dives.) This summer Alex really wants to learn new dives, improve his old dives, and improve on platform. He thinks his teammates could be a part of his improvement by encouraging him to strive harder. When Alex is not at the MAC diving, he is playing hockey which is another one of his great talents, and he is getting ready to go to Churchill! The past 6 years of diving for Alex has taken him far and every practice helps him achieve many things, learn new skills, and improve as a diver.

“Nice practice everybody I want to congratulate you on your great work and progress. I’ll see you tomorrow everybody.” *

*Alex always gives us a very VERY firm handshake after practice and thanks us for coming to work out every day which is really funny to us. I guess funny is another trait to add to Alex’s imaginary trait list.

Colby Shinholser, interviewed by Cyndi Hoppler

Colby Shinholser is a young diver with a lot of talent. He is eighteen years old and attending the University of Virginia in the fall next year where he will be diving. His friends have also been known to call him Colberine because he is very tall. He has two brothers and one sister. Colby lives with his family in Brookeville, Maryland. Colby followed in his father’s footsteps and became a diver after he was a gymnast because it seemed like an easy transition. He started doing summer league when he was eight. Then when he was fifteen he started getting serious about diving and joined Montgomery Dive Club. At MDC he has had a lot of accomplishments including JO Nationals on both boards. He aspires to qualify for Senior Zones and Junior Nationals. The person he admires most is David Boudia for his outstanding posture. One of his best memories was qualifying for spring nationals last year. He wants his teammates to guilt him in his harder dives to encourage him and make him better. Colby has a very bright future ahead of him and with his teammates and coaches can accomplish anything if he works towards it.

Patrick Collishaw, interviewed by Bryce Shelton

Patrick Collishaw has a nickname of "7." Patrick goes by Patrick. Patrick has two brothers and one sister. Patrick lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Patrick started diving because he enjoyed diving at his summer pool (Old Georgetown Club). This will be Patrick's second year diving for Montgomery Dive Club. Patrick dives at the Eunice Kennedy and Sargent Shriver Aquatic Center. Patrick's diving accomplishment is getting a JO list. Patrick's diving goal for this year is to make Junior Nationals. Patrick's future goal is to get to a varsity level in High School diving. His diving role model is Mashal Hashem. Patrick's favorite diving memory is making his first JO Nats. It helps Patrick when his teammate, Bryce, encourages and pushes him. One thing the team probably doesn't know about him is that he enjoys playing and watching hockey.

Noah Richter, interviewed by Emily Schmidt

Noah lives in Derwood, MD, and has just graduated high school. He is headed to the University of Kentucky this fall. Before he was adopted, his name was John Marable. He has one brother and one sister. Noah got involved with diving by starting with Summer League diving with MCDL [editor’s note: MCDL = Montgomery County Diving League]. He has now been diving for six years and trains most frequently at Germantown. Some of his achievements include diving at Junior Zones, Senior National Prelims, and East Nationals (as a 14-15). He hopes to go to Senior Zones this summer, as well as learn a platform list, 205B and 5253B 3M, and 205C 1M. His long term goals are to dive at the University of Kentucky and make NCAAs. Michael Wright is Noah’s diving idol because of his level of achievement as one of the few African-Americans in the sport [editor’s note: Michael was the USA Diving Spring National 1M champion in 2010, an NCAA all-American on 1M in 2011, and a recent finalist in 3M at the Olympic Trials]. Lastly, Noah would like his teammates to stay positive and start playing music during practices.

Katie Young, interviewed by Jack Crow

Katherine Young, or Katie, started diving six years ago. Katie has a younger sister and a younger brother, and lives in Bethesda, MD. Katie got involved in diving in 2006 because of summer league at Old Georgetown Club. Katie dives mostly at Montgomery Aquatic Center [KSAC] and her summer pool. The highest level of diving Katie has reached so far is Regionals. Katie hopes to learn new dives this summer [editor's note: 105B 3M, 105C 5M, 303B 3M, and 203B 3M already learned!!] and improve the dives she already knows. Katie's goals for diving are to dive in college and to continue to dive in High School. Katie's diving idols are the Chinese divers in general, because they are the best divers and almost always win. Katie's favorite diving memories are the evening practices, because she had a lot of fun during them and they helped her diving. Something Katie thinks will help her diving is for her teammates to support her and help her when she is learning new dives. An interesting fact about Katie is that she was adopted from China!

Biography of Joseph Canova, Written by Regan Westwood

Joseph Canova, 13, goes by various names and nicknames such as; Joey, Joe, Crazy Joey, and Jose. Joseph got his nickname Crazy Joey from his coaches Jeff and Bob from all of his “crazy” new dives he has learned recently. Joseph has one older brother and one younger sister. Joseph started diving about two years ago after watching diver Bradley Butcher practice diving platform at Germantown while swimming laps. He found the sport interesting and started diving with MDC about a year ago. Joey lives in The Kentlands, so in the winter he dives mostly at Germantown in the winter and dives 9 to 1 at KSAC in the summer. The highest level meet Joey has competed in was Nationals with his synchro partner Greg and Zones as an individual. This summer Joseph wants to learn a 107c on 3m. Wow! Joseph’s long term goal is to go to the Olympic Trials. Joseph diving idol is Greg Louganis because he is an amazing diver. Joseph’s fondest diving memory was learning a 5132d on 7m he says the dive made him feel “like a cliff diver.” Something interesting most people don’t know about Joseph is that he is a great unicycle rider!

Chloe Kim, interviewed by Haley Rupp

Chloe Kim, also called "Clo Clo" by her friends, has been diving for almost three years but has come a long way! Chloe is called "Clowage" by Doug but prefers to be called Chloe by her teammates. Chloe lives in Germantown, MD, with one younger brother. Chloe usually trains at GISC and has many idols: "I'm impressed by anyone who can do a front 3 1/2." Chloe got involved in diving through lessons when a friend told her to sign up. Chloe hopes to achieve a full platform list and better lists on 1M and 3M this summer. Chloe has not yet made it to Summer Regionals because of an "inconvenient trip every year." Chloe's long term goal is to dive in college. Chloe's fondest memory of diving so far is "Playing boys versus girls assassins at a hotel the night before winter regionals this year:) J/K I love all the friends I've made so far!" [Editor's note: I will be searching out Laser Tag in our future meet sites. Assassins sounds like a good idea] Chloe says to train more efficiently she would love if Joseph wouldn't make her laugh before she leaves the board. Chloe has gotten into the number one high school in Maryland (Poolesville)! Good job Chloe!

Eva Brinkman, interviewed by Dorothy Shapiro

Eva Brinkman likes to be called Eva by her friends, and that is also what her coaches call her, but her parents call her “E.” She lives in Bethesda with her two brothers and her sister. She is the second oldest child in the family. She started diving because when they moved here, she decided to try it out at their summer pool, and she loved it. This is Eva’s second year diving, and she trains mostly at MAC. Her biggest diving accomplishment so far would be the first place she got in a Human Springs meet earlier this year. Eva’s diving goal for this summer is to make it to All Stars for summer diving. But her overall goal for diving is to make it to Nationals one year.

Her diving idol would have to be Greg Louganis, because she admires how he kept diving even though he hit his head twice on the diving board. Eva’s fondest diving memory is when she first did a double. She says that the way her teammates could help become a better diver would be to cheer her on and make sure she feels like part of the team. One interesting non-diving thing about her would be that she loves to just be in the great outdoors.

Bryce Shelton, interviewed by Patrick Collishaw

Ian Shelton foes by Bryce. Also, he has a nickname of "Beast" because one day we had a competition when we had Wolverine names. Bryce has one sister and no brothers, and lives in Vienna Virginia. He started diving because he wanted to keep up with his sister. Bryce has dived for ten years. Bryce has gone to Junior Nationals and Senior Zones. He wants to learn new dives on tower. He would also like to make the 2020 Olympics. His role model is Chris Colwill [2008 Olympic finalist in 3M and 3M synchro and recent Olympic Trials 3M Champion!] and his best memory is his first Nationals. Also, he likes to be encouraged by his teammates and parents. Finally, he likes to play XBox in his spare time.

Mashal Hashem, interviewed by Cierra Mantz

Mashal Hashem,whose name, when translated to its true meaning is “eternal fire of God,” was born on July 18th, 1996. She has lived all of her (almost) 16 years (Happy “early” Birthday) of her life in Potomac, Maryland (approximately 10 minutes from the pool, yet she still manages to be late to practice) where she has trained with Montgomery Dive club for the past 10 years. At the age of 6, having received promotional flyer regarding MDC at school, she decided to “give this diving thing a try.” I’m sure her parents’ desire to channel some of her boundless energy had something to do with the decision to enroll her in diving lessons.

Mashal has seen great successes thus far in her diving career, qualifying for her first JO Nationals in 2006 and consistently qualifying every year since then. She prefers 3M and platform and considers platform to be her strongest event. This summer, Mashal has her sights set on competing 205C on 3M. As she is self-admittedly “blind as a bat…but not quite as blind as Bryce,” she adheres to the kick and pray

methodology of coming out as opposed to spotting her dives. This will be one of the obstacles she must overcome in achieving her goal this summer. If there is one thing her teammates can do to help her train more effectively as she strives to improve this summer, it would be, “to be quiet when she’s on the board.” (...Kali [cough]…Patrick [cough]).

Beyond this summer, Mashal is working toward achieving a level of performance that will land her at a top academic and athletic school. Currently, she sees herself attending school somewhere in the Northeast, specifically NYU, Cornell, or Brown (but apparently California sounds okay too). Her preference to live in a major metropolitan area will factor into her decision when selecting a school. The idea of going to Virginia Tech, in the middle of nowhere, slightly terrifies her. Although she does not know exactly what she wants to study, she would like to eventually work for the government and live in DC.

Mashal finds inspiration from Greg Louganis, who overcame numerous obstacles in becoming one of the world’s best divers and at the same time, maintained a sweet, affable disposition. Additionally (or maybe, on the other hand), in the words of Mashal, “I also admire the Dumais because they are such sweet people and aren’t cocky at all.”

On a personal note, as an MDC veteran, Mashal has appreciated the recent change in team dynamics over the past couple of years under the leadership of Doug and Jeff. She extends her gratitude to the coaching staff for making the team a place of inclusion where she feel comfortable being her rambunctious (sometimes crazy) self and where she is able to grow as a diver and an individual (but p.s. she’s not too fond of the Faldo nickname…at least that’s what she says). Furthermore, as a budding artist in the realm of cinematography, Mashal is busy compiling the best of MCD smacks (because she enjoys laughing both with you…and sometimes at you); the film debut is coming shortly (hopefully).

Caroline McCleary, interviewed by Maddy Pfaff

Caroline McCleary is also known as North Carolina and Finn by some of her teammates. Caroline has a twin brother, 18 year old twin brother and sister, and the oldest brother who is 19 years old. Caroline lives in McLean, Virginia. She got into diving when she was a swimmer and was always looking over at the divers and thinking how that looked like a lot more fun. Caroline’s fondest memory of diving was the first time she jumped off the 10 meter platform. Caroline dives at the MAC [KSAC] more often than at Germantown. Her goal is to dive continue to dive when she is in college. This summer she hopes to learn a platform list. Caroline’s diving idol is Jeff Stabile, because he inspires her to work hard and do her best every day. Caroline’s teammates can help her by encouraging her, whenever they can. Her biggest accomplishment in diving is going to Regionals and NVSL Allstars. A fact about Caroline is that she is musically challenged. She cannot play a musical instrument or sing a tune.

Haley Rupp, interviewed by Chloe Kim

Haley Rupp [editor’s note – Rupp is pronounced “Roop”] has been diving since she was seven. She got involved through her summer pool and now trains at KSAC several times a week. Her diving idols are her coaches because they “share their talent and are wonderful people.” Her goal for this summer is to have better form in her dives, and the highest level of competition she has achieved thus far is Regionals.

Haley lives in Bethesda, Maryland and has two older sisters. Her friends call her “Hales” and “Hale”, but at diving, she prefers to just be called “Haley.” In order to help her become a better diver, she would like for her friends to “keep on pushing me so that I can be the best I can be.” Her fondest memory of diving so far is all the friends she has made on the team and through meets. Haley has not yet decided on any long term goals for this sport, but hopes to continue to grow and become a better diver.

Jack Crow, interviewed by Katie Young

John Crow, preferably known as Jack [editor's note: if he is known at all ;)], lives in Bethesda, MD, and has an older brother named Tom. He previously lived in England where he was born and lived for seven years. He first got involved in diving in the summer diving league at Merrimack Park in 2005. This is now his seventh year diving. Jack normally trains at Montgomery Aquatic Center [Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center] and Merrimack in the summer. So far, his highest level of diving that he has achieved is making it to Zones. This summer, Jack hopes to get a full 2 1/2 list on 3M [editor's note: all he has left is gainers!!]. His long term goals for diving are to continue it through high school and college. One of his diving idols is Tom Daley because he is the first famous diver that he knew about and because he is British. One of the best memories Jack has had so far was learning a 2 1/2 on one meter. Something his teammates do that helps him is encouraging him to try to learn new dives.

Cyndi Hoppler, interviewed by Colby Shinholser

Cynthia Gertrude Hoppler was born August 12, 1994 in Germantown, MD. Cyndi refers to herself as @Choppaindacar, because it is in a rap song and she likes wraps. Others refer to her as Wile E. Coyote because she likes to go on long runs. She is so busy enjoying homework that she occasionally misses practices, therefore the coaching staff has yet to give her a nickname. She has two older brothers, Johnathan and Chris. She still reps G-town and recently graduated from Good Counsel HS. Cyndi became interested in diving when her older brother started in the sport and she would watch him in envy. She eventually signed up for lessons when she was 7, learning an inward dive before a front dive! She mostly trains from home but shows up at MAC sometimes to make guest appearances. She has qualified for Junior Nationals multiple times, stating that it was "no big deal." Her goals for the summer are to learn new dives and to qualify for the Olympics. She wants to learn "like back 2 1/2 and like new ops on tower like, uhh, idk, maybe 5251D?" She wants to dive in college and will be attending the University of Miami. She has no idols, but does love American Idol. Her fondest memories in diving are the meets in Ft. Lauderdale. She wants her teammates to encourage her to try new dives and to offer moral support. Cynthia is a professional person, so she does not want to mix diving and her personal life by offering a fact about herself.

Mackenzie Cornell, interviewed by Jackie Stanton

Mackenzie Cornell has no nicknames but she has one younger sister. She usually trains at Germantown. She got into diving after she got hurt in gymnastics and one of her friends did diving so she joined with John Wolsh and has been diving since. She has been diving for two years. Last summer she qualified for Nationals on tower and this summer she qualified for Junior Zones on both springboards. She would like to go to Senior Zones and obtain new backs, gainers, and twisters on 3M. Her long term goal is to dive in college.
Cassidy Krug is her idol because she came back after everything that happened [editor's note: a back injury left Cassidy with bulging disks in her spine, and her injury kept her from performing optimally at the 2008 O Trials and Selection Camp. She retired from the sport, but two years later decided to try again, and has had a great comeback so far!!]. So far Mackenzie's fondest memory is when she learned 303B on 3M because she conquered a huge fear and that dive completed her JO list. Her teammates can just support her throughout the summer to help improve her diving. Something extra is that she works for MDC but also as a gymnastics coach.

Emily Schmidt, interviewed by Noah Richter

Emily Schmidt is an upcoming sophomore at the University of North Carolina. Emily also goes by the names Schmiidty or Em. She was born and raised in Bethesda, MD. She switched to diving after quitting gymnastics and for the past six years has excelled in the sport. She mainly dives at MAC [KSAC] when she is home from school, but during the school year, she dives at UNC. Her highest achievements include ACCs and NCAA Zones. By the end of summer, Emily would like to get all her 3M optionals back, and have a full 10M list. Her long term goals are to final at Zones and come close to qualifying for NCAAs on tower. Emily’s fondest memory about diving is slip and slide on tower. She likes that all her teammates keep her smiling and positive.

Maddy Pfaff, interviewed by Caroline McCleary

Madeline Pfaff, or Maddy as her friends call her, began diving five years ago in the MCDL with Old Georgetown Club. Maddy began diving because she was interested in the sport and because it looked fun. One of Maddy’s other team nicknames is Maddog, given to her by friend and teammate Connor Scanlon. Maddy lives in Bethesda, MD with her twin brother as well as an older brother who is 14.

Maddy, who most frequently trains at MAC/KSAC, says that her fondest diving moment is from doing the summer training camp because it’s fun and she gets to be with all of her friends. The highest level of diving Maddy has achieved is competing at Age Group Nationals. Her goals for this summer are to learn an armstand on 5m [done], and 303c on 1m. Madeline’s long-term goals are to be on her high school’s varsity team and go on to dive in college. Maddy’s diving idol is her OGC coach Sarah, because even after being hit by a car her will and perseverance helped her recover and return to coaching the OGC Dolphins. Something non-diving that you might not know about Maddy is that she plays numerous other sports. Maddy plays basketball, soccer, softball, and did gymnastics.

Lydia Lehnert, interviewed by Natalie Snyder

Lydia Lehnert, also known as Lydia, is the sweetest, [most]wonderful girl in our team, Montgomery Dive Club. Lydia is entering her senior year at Urbana High School and is excited for all the workload of homework every night. ;) Lydia lives in Frederick, MD with her 21 year old sister and her parents, so it is a long drive from Frederick to our KSAC facility and the Germantown facility (where she trains at most often). Lydia became involved with diving by doing gymnastics for many years and after few injuries, she started diving for her summer league and high school, diving for MDC since Fall 2010.

Considering Lydia’s MDC diving career, her highest level of diving that she has achieved so far is the Junior and Senior Nationals. Lydia has improved tremendously as a diver since she started with us, her goals for this summer is to attend to Juniors and Seniors Nationals again. Inspired by her diving idol, Laura Wilkinson, she hopes to dive for college at the D1 level [Editor’s note: college diving has three levels: NCAA III, which has no athletic scholarships; NCAA II, which provides some amount of scholarship money but is not as vastly funded as NCAA I; and NCAA I, which provides up to full-ride scholarships and massive budgets for sports] and hopes to qualify for the next Olympic trials in 2016!

Currently, her fondest memory of diving is the 2012 Summer Regional Championships meet at Purchase, NY, because it is filled with several memories of winning 3rd place and sharing laughs with her teammates. As for her teammates, she hopes her teammates will help her train more effectively by cheering each other on in spite of obstacles. I can see Lydia succeeding in the near future, and perhaps qualify for the Olympics trials in the future!

Greg Culver, interviewed by Emily Schlosser

Gregory Culver was born October 12th, 2001. Although his name is Gregory he prefers to be called Greg by his friends, family, and coaches. He got his special nickname Greggypoo [alternate spelling "Greggipoo"] from Coach Jeff who said it sounded good together [editor's note: in my defense, I heard Doug say it first, but it does sound right!!]. An interesting fact about Greg is that he lives on a farm and raises chickens and goats. Greg has four sisters and lives in Dayton, Maryland. Greg was convinced to start diving when he saw his two sisters diving at his summer pool and thought it looked cool so he decided to join summer team. A few years after Greg joined summer team he decided to join Retriever Dive Club only to come to MDC later. He has been diving for a total of six years. The highest rank of diving Greg has achieved is East Nationals. His next goal is to do back two and a half on three meter springboard. His long term goal is to continue to improve in his diving and baseball. Greg's diving idols are Jordan Windle, Thomas Daley, and David Boudia. His fondest memory from diving is getting two pool records. Greg hopes to accomplish much more in his diving career.

Katie Stender-Moore, interviewed by Alex Chen

Katherine Stender-Moore is a girl who also prefers to be called Katie, Katieville, and KT. However, she [most]prefers the name Katie. Her nickname KT sounds like ‘Katie’ so when she sometimes writes her name, she is too lazy to write ‘Katie’ and sometimes just writes KT. There are no special nicknames given to her by MDC coaches. She has one sister, one brother, one step-brother, and one step-sister. She tells us she lives in Bethesda, MD, but who knows where she actually lives. She used to live in Texas. This is her fourth year diving. When asked how she got started with diving, Katie replied she “just decided to do it” and then signed up for summer league. You can find her diving most often at the MAC [KSAC]. The highest level of diving she has accomplished is Age Group Nationals [editor’s note: where she FINALED both boards!]. This summer, she is striving to learn new dives, and make it to Junior Nationals. She would like to dive at the college of her choice when the time comes. Her diving idol is Jeff Stabile because she’s taken note of his ability to not only coach, but dive, as well. Her greatest accomplishment in diving is making it to the podium at Nationals. She wants her teammates to encourage her. She claims she has a life outside diving and tells us she plays other sports. Diving is her favorite though! She enjoys singing, although she admits she stinks. Maddy, next to her, however, states KT isn’t “that bad” and is actually “very good.” We all know how true that statement is.

Ben Magliato, interviewed by Melissa Novak

Bennett Magliato lives in Bethesda, Maryland. He prefers to be called Ben, but he has been called Tramp-hog [editor's note: only because it's true!] and Benny. Ben has a twin sister named Samantha. He practices at KSAC. Before joining diving, he was recruited for swimming but HATED it, so instead, he tried diving. Ben has been diving for six years. During those years of practice, he has been able to qualify for Junior Zones and hopes to dive in college as well as go to Senior Zones. However, this summer he plans to finish his platform list. He would also be thrilled to make it to nationals (JO/ Age Group]. To help Ben improve in diving, he would appreciate it if his teammates did their best to push themselves, because that would motivate him to do his best as well.

Ben's fondest memory of diving was during this summer's regionals because he qualified for one meter and three meter. This is his fondest moment because he learned most of his dives a few weeks prior to the meet and because he was not expecting an outcome of scoring over 400 points. This made him feel so much more confident.

Ben's diving idol is Greg Louganis. He looks up to Greg Louganis not only because of his outstanding talent and dominance in the sport of diving for so many years, but because how he fought through some discrimination he received. Ben also looks up to Cierra Mantz and Lydia Lehnert.

TJ Shinholser, interviewed by Nicole Glazer

Thomas John Shinholser was born March 27, 1995, in Silver Spring MD. Thomas John, also known as TJ, has only been diving for about 2.5 years, but transferred from trampoline, which he has been doing most of his life. TJ’s father and older brother Logan were divers and encouraged him to start. Since, Logan has become an inspiration to TJ both as a great diver and his big brother. In his short time training at MAC [KSAC], TJ has accomplished a great deal. He has qualified for two National Championships, once for Age Groups and last year for Junior Nationals. He hopes to end up in the 2016 Olympics, but for now his favorite accomplishment was beating competitor Timothy Faerber by over 50 points. When he isn’t diving, TJ lives to play Ultimate Frisbee with his two brothers and sister.

Kyle Aaron Jared Butts, interviewed by Shane Miller

Well, I asked Jared if he wanted to go somewhere to eat, and he kindly rejected me. He said we would Facebook later that night. So later that day, I requested him on Facebook, and he didn’t accept me until today. I had no way of contacting him, but I apologize anyways.

Shane Miller, interviewed by Kyle Aaron Jared Butts

Shane Miller began diving as a freshman in high school and now typically trains with MDC at GISC. He lives in Frederick, MD, and has one brother. Although he has only been diving for a little over a year, he is getting good quickly and would like to get a senior list before the summer season is out. His long term goal for the sport is to take his talents to the NCAA and be a member of a collegiate swimming and diving program. Shanes fondest memories of diving are when he overcomes the fear of learning a new skill or dive. He also looks up to Purdue graduate and 2012 Olympic team member David Boudia. Shane is a great athlete and values the encouragement his teammates give him in and out of the water. And lastly, even while keeping up with his training and other activities, he still manages to be on the honor roll every semester.

Luke Winkler, interviewed by Kali Becker

Luke Winkler likes to be called Luke by his friends, coaches, and teammates. Luke was called “Sunshine” by his old coaches at Germantown because of how happy he is. Luke has three sisters. Caroline and Elizabeth are older, and Julia is younger. Luke lives in Bethesda. Luke was a gymnast but “quit that [expletive deleted by editor] “ because it was too hard, so he decided to come to diving when he was 17. He has been diving for a year and a half. He trains at Germantown most often. He has qualified for Age Group Nationals. Luke wants to achieve qualifying for Speedo Nationals. His long term goals are to qualify for NCAAs in college. His diving idol is He Chong because he “rips [expletive deleted by editor].” Luke’s fondest memories are the quality friendships of his teammates and breaktime during the summer. Luke’s teammates can help him focus and help him refrain from yelling constantly at practice, by physical means. Luke is artsy fartsy and is going to college for graphic design. He also plays cello and guitar. Luke is also a talented singer!

Melissa Novak, interviewed by Ben Magliato

Melissa Novak is called “M”, “Missy”, “Lissy”, “Mulz”, “Mimi”, and “Missy Cupcakes,” but is often referred to as “Missy” by the MDC coaches. She lives in Frederick, Maryland with her parents, two older brothers, and one younger sister. Diving was suggested to her by her third grade teacher, Mrs. Lehnert (Lydia’s Mom), and she has been diving for 4 years. Melissa most often trains at the GISC, and through that training has made it to Junior Zones. Overall her diving goal is to make it to Olympic trials, but this summer desires to get a platform list. Lydia Lehnert is an idol to Melissa because of how kind and awesome she is. Melissa’s fondest diving memory is during a summer meet where she dominated the competition , but was announced as second place, so the scores were checked and Melissa did actually win. She thought it was funny. In order to train more effectively, Melissa would appreciate it if her teammates did not talk to her while she was preparing to dive because it would disrupt her count to tell herself to go.

Emily Langworthy, interviewed by Connor Scanlon

Emily Langworthy doesn’t like to be called “M&M” [dozens of her teammates and coaches thank the author for this ammunition ;)] Emily has one little sister named Anna. Emily lives in Gaithersburg and usually dives at Germantown. Emily was introduced to diving by Mackenzie Cornell after leaving gymnastics in late 2008. Emily dived for a year in 2008-2009, and returned just over a year ago. She went to Junior and East Nationals on all three boards in 2009, and went to Junior Nationals in 2011 and East Nationals this Spring. She is currently working on improving both springboard lists. Her goal is to dive in college. Her favorite memories at diving are traveling to meets with her teammates. She enjoys having a fun and supportive team at practices and meets.

Niki Glazer, interviewed by TJ Shinholser

Nicole Loren Glazer, otherwise known as “Niki,” or “Glaze,” respectively, by her friends and college teammates, was born on September 30th, 1992, in Chevy Chase, MD, where she still resides. She has one sibling, an older brother named Cory, who is 24 years old. She started diving 11 years about when she was eight years old when she saw the divers during an RMSC swim practice. She trains at MAC [KSAC] when at hime, but dives for Louisville during the school year. Her highest accolades in diving are going to Junior Nationals multiple times as well as Senior Zones. Her aspiration in the sport is to qualify for the NCAA Championships. Her idol in the sport is Laura Wilkinson, because she is really good and has great values. In the little time outside of diving, Niki likes to watch diving videos and talk about diving.

Jackie Stanton, interviewed by Mackenzie Cornell

Jacquelyn Stanton, known as Jackie to most of us, has been diving for 10 years. She has three brothers and one sister and currently lives in Potomac where she attends Churchill High School. The reason she joined diving is because her brother Michael dove with MDC and almost forced her to join as well. Jackie typically trains at KSAC/MAC where she has gained a JO list and also qualified for nationals in 2008 on tower. Her goals for the summer include gaining new dives such as backs and inwards [205C and 405C] on three meter. She has also set the goal for herself to dive in college. Jackie's diving idol is her brother because he introduced her to the sport and to the club when she was little. Her fondest memory from diving so far in her career is when she qualified in 2008 for nationals on tower. Jackie's teammates can help her achieve her goals this summer by not distracting her on the board. Something extra about Jackie is she plays varsity lacrosse for Churchill during the spring season.

Natalie Snyder, interviewed by Lydia Lehnert

Natalie Snyder has been diving for MDC for a little less than two years, but has been diving for over five years. She began diving on a smaller team with a coach named Liz. She most frequently trains at MAC/KSAC. Her highest level of achievement so far is qualifying for Junior Zones as an individual and competing at East Nationals in Synchro Springboard. Her goals this summer are to improve her dives on springboard so that she qualifies for Age Group or Junior Nationals.

Starting this fall, Natalie will be attending Rochester Insitute of Technology (RIT) and would love to train hard so she improves her diving in college. Her favorite memory of diving was last summer when the whole team got along during camp. She is 18 and lives in Rockville. She has one brother. Outside of diving, she loves going out to dinner with her friends and playing Frisbee.

Emily Schlosser, interviewed by Greg Culver

Emily’s nickname is Mrs. Flat-Iron [editor’s note: actually, Princess Flat-Iron]. Jeff started calling her that because once she came to practice with flat hair [editor’s note: this nickname has sprouted many heads, like the fearsome Hydra of Greek mythology]. She has two brothers and a half. She lives in Crofton, MD, and got into diving because she saw her dad diving and started in summer REC diving. She has been diving for six years and mostly dives and MAC [KSAC]. The most competitive competition she has been in was the East Nationals. She wants to officially learn a 203C 1M so she doesn’t have to do lead-ups or anything like that. She also wants to learn some new twisters. Her long term goals are improving more in swimming and diving. Her diving heroes are Brittany Viola, David Boudia, and Kristian Ipsen. Her best diving memory was learning a 105C. She also wants her teammates to encourage her to improve and learn new dives. Something interesting about her is that she spends 50% of her time at the pool. She is very nice and loves diving.

Connor Scanlon, interviewed by Emily Langworthy

Connor Scanlon has many nicknames given to him by Coach Jeff: he is “Connorfield Achilles Scantron.” He is called “Connorfield” because in his approach, his arms resemble the Cloverfield monster [editor’s note – great film, and a formerly accurate model of Connor’s arms in his hurdle]. He got “Achilles” when he hurt his foot before a diving meet and Jeff told the announcer to call him “Achilles.” Jeff thought Scantron was clever, so it stuck [Connor actually told me this has been previously applied to him by friends, so there :P]. Connor lives in Columbia and trains at MAC. He has two brothers names Michal and Kevin. Outside of diving, he likes playing basketball and listening to music.

Regan Westwood, interviewed by Joseph Canova

Regan’s nicknames are Ray-Ray, Regay – Wes calls her ReGay because coming out of her dives she sometimes looks like spaghetti. Regan has one sibling, which is her younger brother. Regan started diving because of her two parents’ diving, so she started summer diving. Regan started diving three years ago and lives in Potomac. MD, and dives at MAC [now KSAC] all year round. She has qualified for Nationals, but didn’t go, on Platform. She has also competed in Nationals in Synchro diving. Regan’s goals she wants to schieve by the end of this summer are to succeed in Zones and perfect her dives. One of her long-term goals is to go to college and dive. One of Regan’s idols in diving is Thomas Finchum because it is fun to watch him dive in meets. Something Regan is fond of in diving is when she learned 404C 3M right on the dot for Regionals. Her teammates help her out by pushing her to do dives she has to learn. One thing interesting about Regan is her fear of swimming in the ocean.

Dorothy Shapiro, interviewed by Eva Brinkman

You can call her Dorothy, Dot, Dottie, and her dad calls her Dodo, but her real name is Dorothy Shapiro. Wes prefers to call her Dot. She is the youngest of three children. She has two older brothers. She and her family live in Kenwood.

This is Dorothy’s 6th year of diving, and she mainly dives at the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center. She began diving because she loved water but disliked swimming, so she decided to try diving. Dorothy’s highest diving achievement so far is making it to Summer Zones. This summer she would like to be happy with her Zone appearance and she has a long-term goal of making it to Nationals twice.

Dorothy credits all of her coaches she has had throughout the years because they have helped her get where she is today.

Dorothy prides herself on winning summer diving championships when she was only 8 years old. Today, she also credits her teammates with making her want to go to practice each day. When Dorothy is not in the pool diving, she loves to make jewelry.

Cierra Mantz, interviewed by none other than the glorious Mashal Hashem

[editor's apologies that the photos accompanying this story would not be captured by the MDC website editing tool]

Cierra Mantz was born on July 19, one day away from me! Cierra prefers her nickname to be her actual name. She has an older brother who lives in Idaho who coaches college baseball. She lives in northeast Washington DC (pretty sketchyyyyy). She got involved in diving from being a gymnast. However, she got injured, and couldn’t do it anymore. Then she watched the Olympics thinking “I could never be doing a dive from an armstand!” Also, some of her friends did it, and after the ok from her doctor, she was able to start tower diving for the past 2 yrs, 4 total, including high school. She dives mostly at KSAC at a later time. The highest level she competed was senior nationals, and even qualified for the 2012 Olympic Trials. Her goals consist of doing a 407c on 10m and do awesome in seniors… “General awesomeness.” Her goal is to have fun and to compete in Masters. Her diving idols are Laura Wilkinson because she stuck to the sport for a long time, even when she was preggo. She wishes for her teammates to speed up on tower. FUN FACT: she’s afraid of snakes…..and she also studied abroad in Denmark and loves Copenhagen, “it’s one of the most perfect places in the world."