MDC Team Gear

Meredith and Madison wearing MDC GearMontgomery Dive Club is now sponsored by Nike. Through this relationship we get great looking outfitting for our team at reasonable prices. In addition they provide outfitting for divers who qualify for certain meets and some coach outfitting as well. This is a great thing and it really saves us quite a bit of expense.

In return, we ask that divers in all groups support this relationship by purchasing suits and other merchandise through our supplier - Aardvark Swim and Sport

Aardvark has a store not too far from our KSAC location in Rockville at Wintergreen Plaza, 831-D Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. Or you can call them at (301) 309-3660.

Human Springs are asked to purchase a team suit for meet purposes. Backpack, shorts, shirts, sweatshirt  are optional. 
National Team Divers are required to repurchase all outfitting every 3 year cycle.  We will now be a Nike team which means suit, backpack, shirt and shorts.  Jackets are required meet wear, but pants are optional.