Our programs are designed so that divers can enter as absolute beginners and progress at their own pace, continually improving as they meet and set new goals for themselves. The diagram below illustrates the overall structure of our program.

We structure our programs to allow divers at all levels to improve at their own pace.

Human Springs Lessons
Human Springs programs are designed for absolute beginner to advanced divers. These classes are 45 minutes long, and typically consist of 15 minutes of dryland instruction followed by 30 minutes of in-water practice. Typical participants are age 5-11 years old and they learn core diving skills from the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards as well as the lower platforms when available. Instructors create an encouraging atmosphere for learning new skills.

Human Spring Team
The vast majority of divers at MDC participate in our Human Springs Team. These programs are designed to teach beginning to advanced diving skills from the one and three meter springboards and lower platforms if available. Because the Human Springs programs are centered around our 12 level progression system, it accomodates absolute beginners to advanced divers. Optional competitions in and around the Washington DC area are offered each session.

Super Springs Team
From time to time the coaching staff may elect to create a special group of young divers who are being groomed for promotion to our National Team. When this happens, a small number of young, highly-talented and committed athletes will be invited to participate in this invitation only group. The Super Springs Team is a year-round commitment designed to get skilled 11 and unders the instruction they need to prepare for National level competition. Optional competitions in and around the Washington DC area and the east coast are offered.We are currently not offering a Super Springs group.

High School Springs
The High School Springs Program has been tailored to meet the needs of High School divers, focusing on developing a competitive diving list from the one-meter springboard. 
Rusty Springs (Masters)
MDC Masters Divers (Rusty Springs) make diving a life-long pursuit. Anyone age 19 and older is encouraged to participate. Rusty Springs train on the 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard and platforms. As divers gain sufficient skills, they have the option to train for USA Diving Masters National competitions. 

National Team
For a very select few, the MDC National Team is an opportunity to pursue the highest of goals. Access to this group is by invitation only, and is generally based on prolonged try-out sessions. We prefer to select National Team members from our Super Springs Team. Super Springs Team members are typically selected from the Human Springs Team and Human Springs Lessons.