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Super Springs is an invitation only program that we offer periodically to bring groups of young talented athletes up into our national team. We currently are not offering any Super Springs groups. When we have openings coming up on the national team, we will invite qualified kids to form a special training group. This is generally done based on training habits in the Human Springs Team.

This group is for talented and hard-working divers under the age of 13. Only a small number of divers will be selected by the National Team Coaching Staff to participate. This program has strict criteria for selection and very high expectations for continued membership. The expectation is that divers in this group will go on to become members of the MDC National Team. This is a year round commitment that requires some travel and competition. Divers who show the skill level and work-ethic necessary will be contacted by the coaching staff for further discussion.


Class Schedule for Super Springs Team

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday