How to Register for MDC Classes

There are two organizations involved in Montgomery County's diving programs: Montgomery County Recreation Department (MCRD) and the Montgomery Dive Club (MDC). MCRD owns the pools and operates the RecWeb Online Registration Site. MDC is hired by MCRD to staff and manage the diving programs. MDC runs  Any classes that that involve getting in the pool will require you to register with both MCRD and MDC. 

If you have already registered with MDC and MCRD, and just wish to make updates/changes: 

  • Log in
  • Go to the left navigation and hover over the Members Tab
  • Click Manage Training
  • Check the classes you'd like to register for in the schedule tool and then click register
  • The system will then take your billing information and you will be billed right away for team fees. If you are paying for a dryland class you will be billed on the first of the month. 

If you have already registered with MDC and MCRD:

Step One: Register for In-water Classes via the RecWeb Online Registration Site / for dryland classes you do not register through the county.
  • Go to and click on the link to the current session info
  • Take a look at our class offerings for the current session and note the course numbers for the classes you want 
  • Go to RecWeb and enter the course code(s) for the class(es) you are interested in.
  •  If there are open spots, you will need to create a log-in on the Recweb site and pay for those classes through the County's online system.
  • Note the time, day and location of each of your classes so that you can submit them to MDC in Step Two below.

NOTE: The County web site MAY tell you to register for AAU. This is no longer required.

Step Two: Registering on the MDC Web Site (REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS!)
If you have already registered with MCRD through the RecWeb site, you just need to register on the MDC site and pay your $15 session membership fee. This fee helps MDC pay for insurance, equipment, and administrative costs. If you do not register, you will not receive critical updates during the session. 

Quick Tips:
  • Register for the correct team/group! Lessons = 45-min class, Human Springs Team = 90-min class.
  • Each registered family must pay a $15 membership fee every session.
  • If you are registering two or more kids you will have to register twice. Email and we can reimburse the second $15 fee.
  • If you are registering two divers, each diver must be registered under a different email address.

1) Go to (Chrome, Safari or IE web browser recommended)
  • Go to the top right corner of the page and click on “Register” the first time. 
  • When you return to the site next time you will click “Login”

2) You should now be on the “New Member Registration” page of the MDC site
  • Fill in your name and email, and create and confirm a password.
  • Select the correct Team/Group that you registered for on RecWeb and click “Register”
  • On future visits to the site this page will be titled “Member Profile”
  • Each time you login you will confirm/update your information and click “Update Registration”

3) On the “Member Profile” page on the MDC site
  • Fill in the diver’s info and click “Update Registration”

4) On the “Before Registering for Water Practices” page on MDC site
  • Confirm that you have already completed RecWeb registration and click “Continue to class registration”

5) On the “My MDC Training Schedule” page on MDC site
  • Select all your in-water or dryland classes and click “Register for Classes!”
  • Click “I Accept MDC Terms and Conditions” and then click “Continue”
  • When you select a dryland class it may say “Effective March 1st” in red next to the class. This only indicates the date the first payment will be assessed. This is not the session start date.

6) “Training Sessions Selected:” page on MDC site
  • This page shows charges assessed by MDC, separate from RecWeb
  • Note that the Membership fee is a one-time fee for the session
  • Fill in credit card information and process payment

All done!

We hope you find this process to be simpler and more fair than in the past. If you find any inconsistencies in our documentation please contact us at