Our sessions run quarterly. Our first session (Fall Session) starts mid September and ends mid November. The second session (Winter Session) starts early December and runs through early March (there is a long Holiday break during the winter session). Our third session (Spring Session) goes from mid March to end of May. In our fourth session (Summer Session) we offer our Human Springs Training Camps in the mornings beginning in early June to and running through early August. To find an exact date to register and start a class check out our calendar. The classes consist of 10-12 practice days for every class you register for. The price point is built on how many days of practice are scheduled for that session and may be differ from session to session. Find the list of our facilities and contact information for pools on our About Page.

There are two main organizations involved in registering for our diving programs: Montgomery County Recreation Department (MCRD) and the Montgomery Dive Club (MDC) which also operates under the name "Built by Beavers LLC". MCRD owns the pools and operates the Active Montgomery registration, which is what you need to use to register for an in water class. MDC/Built by Beavers is contracted by MCRD to staff and manage the diving programs at their facilities. MDC runs www.montgomerydiveclub.org.  Any classes that involve getting in the pool will require you to register with MCRD. 


We offer programs in two broad categories (dryland and in-water), and two broad skill groups (Human Springs and National Team). Each of these broad categories is further divided into developmentally appropriate skill levels based on age and ability. Scroll down for full descriptions of all levels below.


Dryland Classes

  • 10 year-old and & younger (60 minutes)
  • 11 year-olds & older (90 minutes)

We hold dryland diving classes every quarter at our Dryland Training Center (DTC) in Rockville, MD. Each quarterly session includes 10 classes tailored for either 10 year-old and & under participants, or 11 year-olds and older. Younger kids come for 60 minutes, while the 11 & older kids come for 90 minutes.

These classes are designed as a perfect complement to our in-water classes. Each week instructors prepare class participants for the upcoming focus in our in-water classes. Kids use trampoline, dry diving boards and a wide variety of tumbling mats to learn the critical skills that will prepare them for future success.

Click here to see the class schedule and sign up for dryland classes.


In-Water Classes

  • Human Springs (Levels 1-3)
  • High School Springs (Level 3)
  • Rusty Springs (Adult Classes)
  • AAU National Team (Level 4)
  • USA Diving National Team (Levels 4 & 5)

We hold 10-session in-water diving classes for kids diving at a wide variety of ages and skill levels. The information below will help you understand what class is best for your child.



The Human Springs programs are designed for absolute beginner to advanced divers. These classes are either 45 or 90 minutes long, and typically consist of 25% dryland instruction and 75% in-water practice. Participants must be at least six years old, must be comfortable swimming in deep water, and must come to class with a willingness to learn new things. We recommend that participants practice a minimum of two days per week to ensure steady progress. Our customers have found that a combination of dryland and in-water classes brings about the best results. In all Human Springs classes divers learn core diving skills from the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards as well as the lower platforms when available. 

  • Level One
  • Level Two
  • Level Three
  • Dryland Classes

Level One
Our Level One classes are designed for younger divers, aged 6-9, who lave little or no experience with the sport of diving.  These 45-minute classes focus on the fundamental skills of our sport, such as proper body shapes, front and back jumps, and front and back head-first entries. Level One participants use the side of the pool, mats, 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard, and low platforms for a variety of skills and drills. Level One divers are encouraged to participate in our Human Springs Competitions held at the end of each session. Below you will find a video describing the skills learned in our Level One classes.

Level Two
Participants in our Level Two classes practice for 90 minutes. Younger kids (6-10) with a background in competitive gymnastics but little diving experience are encouraged to start with Level Two classes. Participants of any age who have not yet learned back dive tuck and inward dive tuck are also well-suited for at least one session in these classes. Level Two participants use the side of the pool, mats, 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard, and low platforms for a variety of skills and drills. 

Level Three
Participants in our Level Three classes practice for 90 minutes. Younger kids (10 and older) with a background in competitive gymnastics, past diving experience from summer diving or level 2. Divers must have the ability to do all category dives, a hurdle, back press, as well as safe come-out skills. Level Three participants use the side of the pool, mats, 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard, and low platforms for a variety of skills and drills. They will be encouraged to compete in our local hosted meets at the end of the sessions. 


The High School Springs Program has been tailored to meet the needs of High School divers, focusing on developing a competitive diving list from the one-meter springboard. In order to accomplish this, divers will utilize a variety of equipment, including tumbling mats, low platforms, 3-meter springboard and the side of the pool. Whether you are hoping to make the varsity team, want to perfect a list for the Metro Meet, or hoping to qualify for the State Meet, our High School Springs group will help you meet your goals.


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Masters Diving (RUSTY SPRINGS) - Adult Class

Our Masters Divers make diving a life-long pursuit. Anyone age 19 and older is encouraged to participate. Rusty Springs train on the 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard and platforms. As divers gain sufficient skills, they have the option to train for a variety of competition including our end of session Human Springs Competitions, the Annual John Smith Memorial Meet, various invitationals around the country, and even USA Diving Masters National competitions. We have a terrific group of masters divers at MDC, and we are always happy to have newcomers join us - no experience required.


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The AAU National Team is a small, invitation-only group that trains at our MLK location in Silver Spring. Divers in this group range in age from 12 - 18, and train a minimum of six hours per week year round. AAU NT members are selected from our Human Springs groups based on demonstrated skills, talent and attitude. Divers on the AAU NT better their skills in an effort to qualify for AAU Nationals and to prepare for NCAA competition. This group has the opportunity to travel to overnight meets, as well as the AAU National Championships every summer. If you would like to be considered for the AAU NT program, please email a video of your diving, gymnastics or trampoline skills to WesM@montgomerydiveclub.org. 

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USA Diving NATIONAL TEAM - Level 4-5

For a very select few, MDC's USA Diving National Team is an opportunity to pursue the highest of goals. Access to this group is by invitation only, and athletes must meet strict standards to maintain membership. USAD NT members train at our Rockville and Germantown locations under full-time professional diving coaches. Participants range in age from 7 - 19 years old, and train between 8 and 18 hours a week. As their skills advance, divers compete around the country and around the world. Athletes who wish to be considered for USAD NT should email a video of your diving, gymnastic or trampoline skills to WesM@montgomerydiveclub.org.

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