Registering for MDC In-Water Classes:

There are two organizations involved in Montgomery County's diving programs: Montgomery County Recreation Department (MCRD) and the Montgomery Dive Club (MDC). MCRD owns the pools and operates the Active Montgomery registration. MDC is hired by MCRD to staff and manage the diving programs. MDC runs  Any classes that involve getting in the pool will require you to register with MCRD. 

Register for In-water Classes via the Active Montgomery Online Registration Site / for dryland classes you do not register through the county. For dryland registration see below

  • Go to and click on the link to the current session or look at the registration book here: Montgomery Parks eGuides.
  • Take a look at our class offerings for the current session and note the course numbers for the classes you want.
  • Go to Active Montgomery and enter the course code(s) for the class(es) you are interested in.
  •  If there are open spots, you will need to create a log-in on the Active Montgomery site and pay for those classes through the County's online system.
  • Note the time, day and location of each of your classes.

NOTE: The County web site MAY tell you to register for AAU. This is no longer required. You are only required to be registered through Active Montgomery and to pay your $15 Team Fee.

National Team and Dryland Class: Use the MDC Online Invoicing System to pay for Club Fees, Annual Membership Fees, and Dryland Diving Class Fees. 

The $15 team fee can be paid by clicking on Team Fee in the top navigation.

MDC Dryland Classes:

The price for the one hour classes are $200 for a 10 week session. The price for the one and a half hour classes are $300 for a 10 week session. To register, email

Our Dryland Diving Classes are the perfect compliment to your in-water practice schedule. The top divers around the world turbo-charge their in-water practice with dryland training on trampoline, dryboard, and tumbling mats. It allows for more repetitions of the most important training skills in less time.

Now you too can train like a champion. Come out to our Dryland Training Center (DTC) and learn to jump, twist and flip on our trampolines, dry boards and tumbling mats. Classes are closely supervised by professional diving instructors following organized training plans with each participant.

We’ve designed these dryland classes to compliment our in-water Human Springs practices perfectly. Skills taught in our weekend dryland classes prepare divers for the weekly focus in our Human Springs classes. The combination accelerates learning, improves strength, and enhances body awareness. With that in mind, we recommend that all Human Springs Team divers incorporate one dryland diving class per week into their practice schedules.

These classes are perfect for divers of all ages. We will use trampoline, tumbling mats, and our amazing dry diving boards to build your skills and get you to the next level. You’ll be supervised by experienced divers and trained coaches, who will provide guidance as you learn and improve. 



Old Georgetown Club Coach Patrick Collishaw will be leading the Sunday classes.  Patrick will have support from members of the MDC National Team each week. Participants will benefit from Patrick’s enthusiasm, professionalism and years of diving experience in a brand new dryland training format.  


New Format:

With help from a high level gymnastics coach, we’ve created a more intensive 90-minute version of our program. The 90-minute class is tailored for divers 11& older, with more emphasis on strength, conditioning, and flexibility required for our sport. We think divers will love the new format - it will be challenging and lots of fun. 

Our 60-minute class will now be completely focused on our younger divers. They’ll get plenty of the close attention they need to learn and thrive in an age-appropriate environment.  


Dryland Class Session:

Our session begins shadows what the county does in the water. Email to find out when the next session starts.



Email to reserve your place in a class.


About the DTC:

In 2012 Montgomery Dive Club entered into a public-private partnership with the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission to build an acrobatic training center for divers of all abilities in the region. We identified a pair of underutilized handball courts adjacent to the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center at Wall Park in Rockville as the ideal location. With a concerted effort from the local diving community, the MNCPPC and the Montgomery County Recreation Department, we opened the facility in July 2012. Our first event at the facility was to host the USA Olympic Diving Team as they prepared for the Games in London.

Since then we’ve removed the dividing wall between the two courts, installed overhead spotting harnesses in the rafters of the building, and purchased two trampolines, two dry boards, and numerous tumbling mats to enhance the experience for our young athletes. We continue to add equipment to the facility as funds allow.